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It is our shared duty to face climate change head-on and protect our land and water. We must pursue climate action while creating jobs, lowering costs, and becoming a hub of clean energy production. Last year, we unveiled the MI Healthy Climate Plan, and this year, we should make bold investments in climate action to deliver on its targets. Let’s get it done.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Climate Actions at a Glance

Michigan is advancing high-impact climate policies, actions, and regulations across the Alliance’s 10 key policy areas. These solutions centered around equity, environmental justice, and a just economic transition are being deployed at scale to safeguard public health, grow the U.S. economy, and secure a net-zero future.  


This list includes both statutory and executive policies and actions that Michigan has adopted or is in the process of adopting (as of October 2022).

  • Created the Office of Climate and Energy
    and the Council on Climate Solutions
  • Established 2050 Economy-wide carbon neutrality
    goal with interim goals in 2025 and 2030
  • Released the MI Healthy Climate Plan
  • Initiated development of Michigan GHG Inventory
  • Launched lead by example programs and
    an interagency climate team
  • Set a goal to reduce home heating emissions 17% by 2030
  • Set a goal to achieve at least 2% energy efficiency savings for electricity and 1.5% for natural gas
  • Invested millions in pre-weatherization and home repairs
  • Created a Green Revolving Fund for state facilities
  • Invested millions in Michigan Saves, the state’s non-profit green bank
  • Set a goal to have 60% renewable energy and retire coal by 2030
  • Set a goal to reduce energy burden to 6%
  • Set a goal to deploy 2,500 MW by storage by 2030 and 4,000 MW of grid scale storage by 2040
  • Signed a bill removing tax barriers to rooftop solar
  • Incorporated carbon emissions reductions
    goals into utility long-term planning
  • Invested millions in clean energy improvements for state facilities, small businesses, homes, houses of worship, and more
  • Set a goal to increase recycling 45% by 2030
  • Set a goal to cut food waste in half by 2030
  • Set a goal to increase industrial energy efficiency and reduce energy waste in industrial processes
  • Developed markets for recycling products through Michigan Next Cycle
  • Created Office of Environmental Justice (EJ) Public Advocate, Interagency Response Team on EJ, and the Michigan Advisory Council on Environmental Justice
  • Created the Energy Transition Impact Project
  • Committed to Justice40 for climate-related funding
  • Incorporated EJ into long-term utility planning
  • Launched an EJ screening tool
  • Invested millions to prepare Michigan’s
    workforce for the changing economy
  • Launched programs like EV Jobs Academy to upskill workers
  • Set a goal to protect 30% of Michigan’s land and water by 2030
  • Launched the nation’s first carbon market program on state-owned lands
  • Expanded funding for climate resilient infrastructure projects
  • Created the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification and the Council on Future Mobility
  • Set a goal to build infrastructure to support
    2 million EVs by 2030
  • Set a goal to increase clean transformation
    15% annually through 2030
  • Led a 5-state compact to rollout regional
    charging infrastructure
  • Invested millions to transition bus fleets to cleaner fuels and electrification, expand Michigan’s charging infrastructure, and improve clean transportation options
  • Proposed funding for electric vehicle and at-home charging rebates
  • Deployed chargers in Michigan state parks and along the shores of Lake Michigan
  • Launched innovative partnerships to create real-world inductive charging and connected and autonomous charging corridors

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