New Mexico

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New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham | US Climate Alliance
From the Governor

There should be no question that New Mexico is committed to a cleaner, healthier future. In the coming months and years, we intend to design and implement a range of projects and initiatives to achieve that objective. We will take on this challenge the same way we have approached all others: with creativity, with tenacity, and with the bold and innovative spirit that has always driven us forward.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham

New Mexico Climate Actions at a Glance

New Mexico is advancing high-impact climate policies, actions, and regulations across the Alliance’s 10 key policy areas. These solutions centered around equity, environmental justice, and a just economic transition are being deployed at scale to safeguard public health, grow the U.S. economy, and secure a net-zero future.


This list includes both statutory and executive policies and actions that New Mexico has adopted or is in the process of adopting (as of October 2022). 

  • Lead by Example programs & goals
  • Economy-wide GHG goal
  • Carbon neutral goal
  • State climate action plan
  • Electric utility energy efficiency resource standards
  • 100% clean electricity goal
  • Renewable portfolio standards
  • Regulations addressing methane from oil & gas, landfill, and agricultural sources
  • Environmental justice offices or interagency bodies
  • Environmental justice screening and policy tools
  • Just Transition offices or interagency bodies
  • NWL in state GHG inventory
  • Healthy soils legislation
  • NWL conservation or sequestration goa
  • Low-emission vehicle standards
  • Zero-emission vehicle standards

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