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From the Governor

As we protect our future generations and their rights, we’re going to continue to lead the nation in our ambitious plan to combat climate change and protect our environment. Because no place on Earth has more God-given natural treasures than New York.

Gov. Kathy Hochul

New York Climate Actions at a Glance

New York is advancing high-impact climate policies, actions, and regulations across the Alliance’s 10 key policy areas. These solutions centered around equity, environmental justice, and a just economic transition are being deployed at scale to safeguard public health, grow the U.S. economy, and secure a net-zero future.  


This list includes both statutory and executive policies and actions that New York has adopted or is in the process of adopting (as of October 2022).

  • Economy-wide 40×30 and 85×50 GHG requirement
  • Carbon neutral by mid-century goal
  • Statewide climate change Scoping Plan to be finalized January 1, 2023
  • Goal of million efficient and electrified homes by 2030
  • Advanced Building Codes, Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards Act of 2022 enacted
  • Utility Thermal Energy Network and Jobs Act enacted
  • NY Green Bank
  • 100% zero-emission electricity by 2040
  • 70% renewable electricity by 2030
  • 10,000 MW of DG solar by 2030
  • 9,000 MW of offshore wind by 2035
  • 6,000 MW of energy storage by 2030
  • 185 trillion Btu of end-use energy savings
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative participant
  • Regulations to reduce methane from oil and natural gas infrastructure issued
  • Stakeholders engaged on expansion of HFC regulations
  • State’s Climate Justice Working Group
    continues to advance climate justice
  • Draft disadvantaged communities criteria released
  • Disadvantaged communities to receive at least 35%, with a goal of 40%, of benefits from climate investments
  • Just Transition Jobs study released
  • Disadvantaged Communities Barriers and Opportunities report released
  • Community air monitoring program launched in 10 disadvantaged communities home to 5 million people
  • Clean Transportation Prizes
  • Soil Health and Climate Resiliency Act enacted
  • Climate Resilient Farming program
  • Value of Carbon guidance for state agencies issued
  • Community Risk and Resiliency Act ensures certain state monies, facility-siting regulations, and permits include consideration of climate risk
  • Interim recommendations for immediate actions to prepare for extreme heat released
  • 100% new sales of passenger ZEVs and nonroad ZEVs by 2035; 100% sales of MHD ZEVs by 2045
  • Advanced Clean Trucks rule adopted
  • Congestion pricing advancing
  • 100% of school buses to be zero emissions by 2035

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