GHG Targets and Governance

GHG Targets & Governance

Alliance members are setting ambitious climate targets, developing and implementing detailed action plans, adopting programs that reduce emissions simultaneously across multiple sources, tracking progress, and engaging with communities, businesses, and other stakeholders to chart a path toward a net-zero future. 

GHG Targets & Governance | Michigan Governor Whitmer in Traverse City, Michigan

Member Action

GHG Targets & Governance

Below are tallies of the number of members that have adopted or are in the process of adopting statutory and executive policies and actions.

For the most up-to-date, in-depth breakdown of GHG targets and governance climate actions across our membership, explore the Alliance Policy Database.

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Member Spotlight

Louisiana Celebrates Key Milestone in Implementing the Gulf South’s First Climate Action Plan

Louisiana established the Gulf South’s first climate action plan in 2022, which identifies 28 strategies and 84 specific actions for economy wide GHG reductions. In February 2023, Louisiana’s Climate Initiatives Task Force marked the first anniversary of the state’s climate action plan by highlighting key achievements, including tripling the amount of renewable energy generated in the state.
Will Reduce Collective GHG Emissions At Least 50–52 percent Below 2005 Levels by 2030 in Support of the U.S. NDC

April 2021

Will Reduce Collective GHG Emissions At Least 50-52 percent Below 2005 Levels by 2030 in Support of the U.S. NDC

April 2021

Press Release | 2023

The U.S. Climate Alliance today called on the Biden administration to move swiftly on more than 20 specific federal climate actions that will support states and accelerate America’s transition to a net-zero future.
U.S. Climate Alliance Recommends Federal Executive Actions to Speed America's Net-Zero Transition

The U.S. Climate Alliance submitted a letter to President Biden outlining more than 20 specific actions.

Report | 2022

U.S. Climate Alliance 2022 Annual Report | Full Speed Ahead: The Alliance's 24 states and territories are tackling climate change while achieving lower levels of harmful local air pollution, delivering more energy savings, employing more clean energy workers and preparing more effectively for climate impacts.
2022 Annual Report | Full Speed Ahead

States Delivering the Next Generation of Climate Action